Central India Outreach

About Central India Theological Seminary

Central India Bible College originally began as ‘Bharosa Bible School” in 1962. The founder, the Late Dr. Kurien Thomas, conceived of it as a minister’s towards the effective communication of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The name ‘bharosa’ was reminiscent of the fact that this school was to run by faith and trust in God alone. The initial classroom comprised 7 students for a 3 month course. Gradually, the school grew into a college offering B.Th. and M.Div. programmes under the umbrella of Central India Theological Seminary.

The driving force and inspiration behind the momentum and growth of CITS has been the fiery vision that God imparted to the Late Dr. Kurien Thomas. Of course, today, Dr. Kurien Thomas rests from his labours in heaven, having well run his race. Yet, CITS, relentlessly, goes on. His vision is alive.

In days when many great centers of theological learning have departed from faith through allegiance to Liberalism and Secularism, CITS stands firm in its resolve to communicate the true word of God in its entire purity, strong in its conviction and true to the original vision, under the able and excellent leadership of Dr. Matthew K. Thomas.

Having caught the vision of God for this College in India, Dr. Matthew K. Thomas, then a very flourishing businessman in the States, left his secular orientations and set his foot in India with the commitment to see this vision come to pass. Consequently, Central India Theological Seminary came into existence as the umbrella body that integrated Central India Bible College and Dr. Kurien Thomas Post Graduate Study and Research Center. A step into the graduate level of education was taken. Another significant step under God’s divine grace was taken in 2001 when Dr. Matthew K. Thomas founded the Anna Ladies Bible College. This novel enterprise grew out of an unshakeable conviction regarding the significance and need of trained women in Christian ministry, especially in India.

Our motto is “Education with a Christian Purpose”, which reflects our mission. The Seminary seeks to be a place where there is a true integration of faith and learning.

Discipline, spirituality, knowledge of God’s Word, equipping, ministry, and discipleship are the declared goals of CITS. The strong commitment and devotion of the faculty to Biblical values is flanked by their thorough and in depth understanding of the Word of God. Retrospection into the past four decades reveals the profound and undeniable role that CITS has played in the training of Christian ambassadors, in hundreds, for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Indubitably, India is full of challenges. Consequently, our curriculum is so designed as to equip and encourage the trainees to take up the challenge and effectively reach the unreached people groups of India.